“The last and final performance was intriguing to begin with. How could Tagore’s immortal Chitrangadha be performed in the Kuchipudi style? And yet it was done, and how! The event, supported by the Tagore Society, Singapore, saw a wonderful performance by well known dancer Amrita Lahiri. Interspersed with monologues and shortened to suit the time frame, its music remained true to Tagore throughout. The style of dance alone was Kuchipudi and yet it all gelled perfectly. It was as much a tribute to the skill of the dancer/choreographer as it was to Tagore.” -V. Sriram
The Spirit of Sangeet

Created by Amrita Lahiri under the mentorship of Sharmila Biswas

Music composed by Sudha Raghuraman

Created for Gandharva Mahavidyalaya’s 75th anniversary in New Delhi (2014). Murchhana is based on stories from the oral tradition of the khol players (drummers) of rural Orissa. These stories have roots in ancient texts, but have evolved into many branches, having been told over generations. The khol players of Orissa interpret sangeet (music) as a combination of the three- nritya (dance), geeta (song), vadya (instrument)- plus a fourth element- the life- which is interpreted as Murchhana.

Review - “Amrita Lahiri’s Kuchipudi, under Sharmila Biswas’s mentoring with her guru Mosalikanti providing nattuvangam and indirectly ensuring retention of the Kuchipudi sensitivity in the student’s praiseworthy endeavour, ushered in a quality of delightful freshness.” -Leela Venkataraman

“Lahiri is so connected to the music and the poetry that sometimes I wonder if the music actually comes from her body, and not from the fantastic group of musicians on the side of the stage. This performance comes with a standing ovation, the audience cheers with loud, long applause.” -Ezekiel Oliviera Fivelines

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Within each of us is an ocean pregnant with possibilities for creation. Tagore in his poem ‘Samudrer Proti’ addresses the Ocean as the eternal mother of the earth. She is not the stereotyped mother brimming with tenderness and self-sacrifice, put on a pedestal. Rather, she is naïve, impulsive, powerful, animal-like, fallible, contradictory. Solo dance production with 5 musicians- vocal, nattuvangam, flute, mridangam, and special percussionist