Within each of us is an ocean pregnant with possibilities for creation. Tagore in his poem ‘Samudrer Proti’ addresses the Ocean as the eternal mother of the earth. She is not the stereotyped mother brimming with tenderness and self-sacrifice, put on a pedestal. Rather, she is naïve, impulsive, powerful, animal-like, fallible, contradictory.

I am earth’s child, sitting on your bank,Listening to your sound. I’m thinking, one can understand some of your secrets Like a relative understands a mute person’s sign language.

It seems, in the midst of my heart, the blood that flows in the veins Knows the same language, and has not learnt anything else. It seems, as though I remember, when I was one with The unborn embryo that was this world in that huge womb of yours

For millions of years your restless musical note

Inside me has gotten imprinted.

-a few select verses from translated from Tagore’s Bengali poem ‘Samudrer Proti’

Samudrer Proti gives beautiful imagery for choreography and music.
Music by Sudha Raghuraman.

Solo dance production duration 60 minutes with 5 musicians- vocal, nattuvangam, flute, mridangam, and special percussionist
Created originally for Serendipity Arts Festival