The Spirit of Sangeet

Murchhana is based on stories from the oral tradition of the khol players (drummers) of rural Orissa. The khol players of Orissa interpret sangeet (music) as a combination of the three- nritya (dance), geeta (song), vadya (instrument)- plus a fourth element- the life- which is interpreted as Murchhana. This production was created by Kuchipudi dancer Amrita Lahiri under the guidance of Odissi guru Sharmila Biswas. Amrita says "The great reward of working with other dance forms is that it forces you to define yourself. Only from a rigorous churning is the essential substance revealed. What are the salient features of Kuchipudi? What is its essence? Many audiences come to Kuchipudi programs expecting to see the trademark dance on a brass plate- that is the climax of many Kuchipudi programs. But Kuchipudi is so much more than the dance on a brass plate! It is also lilting rhythms, drama, vachika abhinaya (spoken word), and sparkling light footed movements." Amrita has performed Murchhana to critical acclaim in New Delhi, Chennai, Singapore, Philippines, New York and Washington, D.C.

Created by Amrita Lahiri under the mentorship of Sharmila Biswas

Music composed by Sudha Raghuraman

Created for Gandharva Mahavidyalaya’s 75th anniversary in New Delhi  

Review - “Amrita Lahiri’s Kuchipudi, under Sharmila Biswas’s mentoring with her guru Mosalikanti providing nattuvangam and indirectly ensuring retention of the Kuchipudi sensitivity in the student’s praiseworthy endeavour, ushered in a quality of delightful freshness.

-Leela Venkataraman